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  • How long is a typical boat tour?
    Boat tours are customized to whatever you and your party would like to do. We offer 4-hour, 6-hour, and 8-hour trips.
  • How many total people can go out on the boat?
    We can carry maximum of 6 passengers for charter. We limit to 4 for fishing trips.
  • What should I bring?
    All snorkel gear is included, as well as fishing gear, fishing licenses and all fishing tackle. If you have special requests for food or drinks just mention that to Captain Augie when booking. Long sleeve sun shirts & your towel as well as reef-safe sunscreen is also a good idea.
  • Do you offer pick up and drop off service to my hotel?
    Yes! We do offer in-water dockside pickup and drop off to local Islamorada hotels. Just get with Captain Augie and let him know where you would like to be picked up.
  • What if we think it is too rough?
    For the days that the weather takes a turn offshore, we offer trips on the other side of the island. Depending on the forecast, it is very likely that we can still get you out on the water safely and still have a great time! The nice thing about the Keys is that we can always find somewhere to go that is not rough, but if it is too rough for you, then it's too rough! You would be surprised how quickly the weather can change for the better here in Islamorada!
  • Can I make my trip longer after I book?
    Yes! Since your trip is custom to the activities you choose, trip extensions are easy...Easy Livin'!
  • Can we keep the fish we catch?
    Yes. Most local restaurants will cook your catch.
  • Do we need to purchase any fishing licenses?
    No. Easy Living' Charter has you covered. Your license to catch fish is included in your trip.
  • What time do we depart and return?
    The trip is custom for you. So, you tell me when you would like to leave and return.
  • Do I need to bring a cooler?
    No. We have you covered here too. There is no need to bring your own cooler.
  • Will you clean & filet my fish?
    Yes, Captain Augie will clean your catch for you. He has done it a thousand million times, lol!
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    Weather dependent cancellations are considered. Cancellations must be outside 7-days before your charter. Captain reserves the right to cancel any charter in the interest of safety to protect the boat and guests.
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